Situation at Nhavasheva - India

Over the last 2 months there has been several delays at Nhavasheva related to outbound shipments. This situation started off with the collision of MSC Chitra and MV Khalija in the first week of August and continued with the channel being closed for almost 10 days and causing severe delays, congestion at Port, vessels schedules being affected and some vessels even skipping their calls to NSA. This situation, we had hoped would certainly wear off over the last couple of weeks and things would come back to normal but they still exist.    We are faced with severe gate congestion, un-informed  pre-closure of gates for vessels, rollovers and shutouts, restricted draft for vessels calling NSA and hence restricted loading of outbound containers etc.

These issues are affecting the entire trade and not only Globelink WW at NSA. Consolidators, have been the most affected in this situation and the problems have compounded due to severe operational and infrastructure inefficiencies from Central Warehousing Corporation(CWC), Dronagiri from where all consolidators at Nhavasheva operate out of and the longer than usual monsoons have added to this pitiable state .. CWC has been unable to provide Reach Stackers, transport trailers, timely inspection of shipments by customs etc. Consolidators, including Globelink WW are trying to rope in all resources with additional costs etc to try and partially tide over this situation. Unfortunately, this situation is also affecting shipments from various Inland points that are routed via Nhavasheva.

CAI, an Association of Consolidators in India have issued a Notification to the Trade in all Shipping Dailies at Nhavasheva explaining the current situation and hurdles faced by the Consolidators at Nhavasheva.  Globelink WW and CAI have taken up these issues at the highest level at the Port, CWC CFS as well as with the Customs Authorities.  We apologise for all the inconvenience that may be caused during this period and hope that you would be supportive and understanding till this situation clears off.

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