Increase in Airfreight Handling Fees

Please note that effective 13th June 2011 we will begin charging an airfreight handling fee of NZD 0.04 per kg for both import and export air cargo. 

This charge is the direct result of a number of additional costs being incurred by us in recent times, including the recent  introduction of air cargo handling fees by the Air Freight Terminal operators as well as increases in our own warehouse security compliance and handling costs.   

This fee will be identified as follows :-

Import Terminal Handling Fee    NZD 0.04 per kg  /  Min NZD 5.00
Export Terminal Handling Fee     NZD 0.04 per kg  /  Min NZD 5.00

If you have any queries regarding this new charge please contact  :-

Gracie Rogers    (Import Airfreight)
Clayton Rush     (Export Airfreight)

Or your main point of contact at Mondiale Freight Services.

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