Airfreight Delays – Volcanic Ash / Christchurch Earth Quake Threat

Volcanic ash combined with the continued threat of earthquakes in Christchurch continue to cause shortshipment of air freight cargo.  All international flights are having to carry additional fuel over and above what they normally would in case either of these two factors (or both combined) require planes en route having to divert to other international airports in Australia, New Caledonia or Fiji.  This obviously restricts the amount of air cargo uplift on any one flight.

We appreciate the frustration in having cargo arrival delayed and we acknowledge there is a problem in being able to confirm exactly when freight will arrive once it has been off-loaded.  This is simply because the airline operators themselves can not provide more precise information.  Down to the last hour before departure a number of variables can restrict planned cargo uplift. 

We of course will be doing the best we can to keep any delays to a minimum, but all airlines and all forwarders are affected by this.  We would suggest you allow more time to get air freight consignments to New Zealand.  Clearly another eruption in Chile will cause further delays. 

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