USA Airfreight – Known vs Unknown Shippers

Jul 05

For almost 10 years now the Aviation Authorities in the USA have implemented very strict security regulations covering export airfreight .  Part of these regulations included all shippers becoming "registered" or "known" before their export cargo could be accepted in to freight forwarders air consolidation units, tendered to the airlines and shipped out on passenger aircraft.

Air freight from shippers who are not "registered" or "known" can only leave the United States on Freighter aircraft.  For New Zealand this means sending freight on either the Qantas or Singapore Airlines Freighter.  Not only is the rate structure more expensive - Freighter Aircraft have historically attracted higher rates - but the transit time longer due less regular flights and transhipment through other airports.

To create more of a problem in this regard, the USA Aviation Authorities have announced that "known" / "registered" status expires and after 1 year must be renewed - meaning that we will come across the situation where in 1 week a shippers cargo can fly out from the USA in normal consolidations on normal passenger aircraft and normal consolidation airfreight rates, but the next it can't.

We / CORRIGAN'S of course do our best to avoid these delays.  Sometimes however this will be unavoidable.  The Authorities policing this in the USA are very strict and stringently apply the law.  The consequences of trying to cut corners are dramatic and very final. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Posted: 6 years 3.5 months ago
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