Auckland Port Update

Whilst we have seen some form of restoration to normal operations with the recent return of workers, we are continuing to feel the affects of the industrial action at the Ports of Auckland, and this is expected to continue over the upcoming weeks.

Despite mediation discussions over the last two days, there still fails to be any agreement between the Ports of Auckland and MUNZ.

In a recent media release, the Ports of Auckland advised that they had made a number of advances on their previous offers, but said that MUNZ’s response was to maintain their current position.

As a result, the two parties have now agreed to make an urgent application to the Employment Relations Authority in order commence a facilitation process as soon as possible, in an effort to resolve the longstanding dispute.

We are continuing to experience some delays throughout the supply chain due to circumstances outside of our control, and we will do what we can to minimise the effects of such.

Ports of Tauranga have implemented several measures in order to facilitate the movement of containers to Auckland and reduce delivery times at Metroport. However there continues to be significant pressure on rail resources in the North Island as a result of the additional volume, and they are doing all possible to reduce a considerable backlog and minimise delays.

Likewise carriers have also experienced some delays uplifting containers from Ports of Auckland as a result of various factors, including access to slots and slower turnaround times.

Should you have any urgent cargo needs, please ensure that you contact your Mondiale Representative as soon as possible in order that we can liaise with carriers and unpack depots to plan and prioritise accordingly, and do all possible to meet your delivery requirements.

We will keep you updated of further developments as information comes to hand. Should you require anything further in the interim, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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