Reminder of New Requirements for Movement of Import Containers from Port of Discharge

Further to our notification of 17th May 2012, just a reminder that MPI will be enforcing the requirement that all import containers arriving at New Zealand ports, must have had all MPI holds lifted before the container can be removed from the wharf, with effect from 1st July 2012.

This calls for your nominated customs broker to provide MPI with the required container information at least 12 hours prior to vessel arrival for risk assessment purposes. Your nominated customs broker will therefore require all the necessary paperwork, including Quarantine Declarations, on hand as soon as possible, in order to lodge entries to comply with these requirements.

This affects any import containers transhipping via rail between different New Zealand ports, that is those where the Place of Delivery shown on the bill of lading differs from the Port of Discharge.

Whilst this requirement has already been in place at most ports for some time now, to date containers moving from Port of Tauranga to Metroport Auckland by rail, have been excluded, and containers have moved to Auckland as a matter of course, regardless of whether the hold has been removed or not. This will no longer be the case and the MPI holds must be lifted in order for containers to move to Metroport Auckland.

If the above requirements are not met, and a container discharges before it has been cleared by MPI, it is anticipated that there will be delays and additional costs incurred. Where the MPI hold is not removed, containers will effectively be positioned accordingly upon discharge, and once hold is cleared, they will move only when the containers become accessible. If there is urgency on the movement at this time, there will be additional handling costs incurred for the Port of Tauranga to gain access to the container, assuming this is viable.

It is therefore imperative that your nominated broker has all relevant documentation on hand, as early as possible to avoid any delivery delays and to meet your delivery requirements.

Should you require any further information or clarification of the above requirements, please do not hesitate to contact your Mondiale representative.

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