August 1st BAF reduction - Asia to NZ

We are pleased to advise that the following shipping lines have announced a downward movement in the BAF (Fuel Surcharge) from USD 725 per 20ft and USD 1450 per 40ft GP/HC to USD 600 per 20ft and USD 1200 per 40ft GP/HC ; Mitsui, NYK, PIL, OOCL, ANL, CMA-CGM, Hapag-LLoyd, COSCO and  Hamburg Sud.

At the same time Maersks BAF drops from USD 515 per 20ft and USD 1030 per 40ft from the Far East and South East Asia to USD 425 per 20ft and USD 850 per 40ft GP/HC.

Maersks BAF from the Indian Sub Continent, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Middle East drops from USD 615 per 20ft and USD 1230 per 40ft GP/HC to USD 515 per 20ft and USD 1030 per 40ft GP/HC.

MSCs BAF remains at USD 295 per 20ft and USD 590 per 40ft GP/HC.

 LCL BAF will reduce from USD 29 per cbm/tonne to USD 24 per cbm/tonne.

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