LCL service from Nth Europe / UK / Med

For some time now we have concentrated most of our LCL services from the above areas on HAMBURG SUD. This service tranships cargo on to NZ call vessels at the Port of Cartagena in Columbia. This has over time proven to be the most consistent and quickest service. Just lately however there have been a number of container short shipments at that Port. The shipping line can not explain why this is suddenly happening. 

There have been some simple explanations as to why this has happened in some instances that no one could predict or allow for - namely the sudden closure of the Panama Canal for maintenance work which meant in order to get through the Canal, the NZ call vessel had to quickly leave Cartagena. In doing so the vessel left behind almost all NZ containers. However other short shipments have or can not be explained.

We are trying to come to some sort of understanding as to what is happening. Until such time as this settles down our suggestion is that you allow another 7 days for transit from this area in to New Zealand.

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