EUROPE - delays with LCL Service ex Nth Europe / UK / Med

Mondiale has been using HAMBURG SUD from Nth Europe, UK and the Med for all of our LCL services in to New Zealand for some time now. This is due to our policy of using the Carrier with the quickest transit time and most reliable service to New Zealand. However this year we have had a number of short shipments on the HAMBURG SUD service. We sincerely apologise for these delays. There are two main reasons for these delays. 
1) Considerable container congestion and the transhipment Port of Cartagena, Columbia
Dating back to the beginning of the year many of the 1st Leg vessels were delayed arriving in to the transhipment Port of Cartagena due to poor weather conditions in Europe and coming crossing the Atlantic. This resulted in the scheduled connecting vessel through to NZ not being met. To compound this one 2nd leg vessel had to leave Cartagena Port early before the Panama Canal was closed for maintenance work - leaving behind all NZ containers. This quickly resulted in a "Container Congestion" situation at Cartagena Port.

2) Hamburg Port Delays
Port issues at the three main Container Terminals in Hamburg have meant vessels leaving that Port have been delayed by up to 2 - 3 days. In order to make up time HAMBURG SUD have elected to miss certain Port calls - the main one being Tilbury, UK. This has resulted in containers being delayed 1 week minimum.
We are told the congestion issues in Cartagena are being addressed and there is some hope the situation will return to normal in the very near future. In the mean time our advise is to allow for an additional week in transit time Europe / Med to New Zealand. 
Please also understand that part of the "fix" being employed by HAMBURG SUD is to reduce the bookings from Europe. That means we are restricted on how many LCL containers we can load in any one week from all Europe / Med Ports. This in turn means that in any one week we may not be able to load ALL bookings received. We will do our best to accommodate everyone but please let us know of any shipments that are particularly urgent.   

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