USA to NZ - Potential Congestion Charge Notification

Please note the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) are now engaged in negotiations with the employer group, the Pacific Maritime Associaton (PMA) with regards to a new labour contract covering 23,000 dockworks at US West Coast ports.   The new contract will replace the existing agreement, due to expire end of June 2014.   Negotiations opened mid-May, and are expected to continue into July.    Both sides have agreed not to comment publicly on progress.   

It is recognised that any industrial action may cause congestion at USA ports.   As a precaution (and in the event of industrial action), carriers in the Australia/New Zealand trade have filed a Port Congestion Surcharge.  Charges may vary slightly by shipping line, and indications are they will be as follows:

20ft - USD 800.00 / 40ft - USD 1125.00 / LCL - USD 25.00 per w/m

Please note above charges will only apply if industrial action does go ahead.   We are hopeful that the parties involved will reach a resolution without any industrial action.    Mondiale will continue to monitor the situation, and keep you informed.  

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