Tianjin Xingang - Explosion causes Port Closure

Last night there were a series of explosions in Dongjiang, one of two ports at Tianjin Xingang.

We understand that the explosion took place at Rui Hai International Logistics, a dangerous goods warehouse located in the vicinity of Dongjiang Port.

The entire Tianjin Xingang Port including the offices of Customs, Customs brokers, shipping lines, logistics warehouses and trucking companies operating in the area have been shut down until further notice.

We are in close contact with shipping lines, our LCL warehouse and port authorities as to when we can commence operations.

It is too early for clear information to be forthcoming however please expect delays for your shipments booked on the below upcoming vessels :

Qi Yun He V. 912E ETD Xingang 14/8 -> MOL Destiny V.12 ETA Auckland 11/9, ETA Lyttleton 14/9

Hyundai Platinum V. 226E ETD Xingang 16/8 -> MOL Destiny V.12 ETA Auckland 11/9, ETA Lyttleton 14/9

Kota Selamat V. SMT003 ETD Xingang 17/8 –> OOCL Dalian V. 425S ETA Lyttelton 24/9

MSC Amsterdam V. 533 ETD Xingang 16/8 -> Lars Maersk V.574S ETA Tauranga 16/9, ETA Auckland Metroport 18/9, ETA Lyttelton 18/9

MSC Amsterdam V. 533 ETD Xingang 16th August -> Olga Maersk V. 555S ETA Wellington 21/9, ETA Napier 25/9

We will be in touch on an individual basis should your cargo be affected.

We regret any inconvenience that this may cause.

Should you have any questions please contact your Mondiale Account Representative or a member of our Customer Service Team.

This appears to be a video of the explosion :

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