Tianjin Port Explosion

The expected delays from last Wednesday’s explosion at Tianjin Port are still relatively unknown. Understandably, rescue efforts and safety still remain the Governments highest priority at the current time.

At this stage, it would appear that there has been no damage sustained to any of our cargo at the port. All containers which were at the port at the time of the explosion have been shipped on schedule, or will incur a delay of one to two weeks. Mondiale will advise customers on a case by case basis as more information comes to hand on these shipments, in addition to all future bookings.

On a general note, carriers are continuing to call at the port, however ongoing delays are expected, due to road congestion, damage to empty containers and a shortage of labour. Many workers are refusing to work due to the possibility of highly toxic gases still being present. Some of the roads around the port remain blocked off due to the damage caused by the explosion.

Other carriers have chosen to cancel sailings.

Chinese Customs in Tianjin have resumed basic work, despite their building being damaged in the explosion.

The handling of both import and export dangerous cargo containers has been completely banned. Consequently, when making arrangements for shipments via this port, our recommendation based on the limited information that we have obtained to date, is to allow approximately 2-3 weeks in addition to your normal expected supply chain transit time. Please note this is only a indication at this initial stage and we will continue to keep you informed.

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