FCL increases from Europe, Mediterranean and Middle East

With the continuing heavy export bookings from all of the above areas in to Asia (especially China) many of the carriers are taking the opportunity to increase rates for the month of May. 

Not all have confirmed rate levels applicable from 1st May, and for those that have there is no “fixed” increase amount.    As a general rule though 20ft containers have increased between US$ 100.00 – US$ 150.00 and 40ft containers between
US$ 150.00 – US$ 200.00.  As the new rates are confirmed your rate sheets will be updated.

Right now there is no option but for us to pay these increases.  The demand in Asia is so strong that the ocean freight rates from Europe|Med in to this part of the world are now higher than through to Australasia.  Combine that with the fact that all carriers want containers going in to Asia (China especially) so they can quickly be re-used for exports, means that there is a high priority to accept these bookings over ones to Oceania.

The other issue is that none of the carriers want to tie themselves in to any sort of “term” rate.  In the past adopting a quarterly review practise was the norm.   Now it is monthly and it is all but impossible to extend out beyond that time line.

If you have any queries about your FCL rates out of Europe|Med and the Middle East area please do not hesitate to contact your Mondiale representative. 

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