Napier Port Insurance Levy - Effective 1st October 2017

Napier port have announced that effective 1st October 2017 they will be implementing an insurance levy on all imports and exports moving through Napier port. This is to be charged in conjunction with the VBS Fee billed to the party uplifting or returning the containers to the port. Which in terms of container transport will be predominantly be trucking companies and rail service providers.

The reason they are looking to implement this levy is due to the significant increase in port insurance as a result of New Zealand’s recent history of earthquakes. New Zealand has faced two significant earthquakes in less than a decade, both of which caused significant damage to the ports and as a result the ports insurers have reviewed their policies.

This will take effect on all shipments arriving from 1st October 2017 onwards, there will be an additional charge of NZD 8.25 per VBS booking. This will be charged in addition to the existing VBS fee that is incurred when uplifting containers from the port and returning containers to the port. Upon review of this charge, the port has confirmed it is only charged on the full container movement and not the return or collection of empty containers.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Mondiale Representative should further information be required.

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