Return of empty pallets for import cargo

A reminder in regards to the return of empty pallets, as our unpack depots are experiencing a significant shortage currently. If your import cargo is not supplied to our packing depot on pallets, and it subsequently loaded and out turned loose from our groupage containers, our unpack depots load the cargo onto pallets for handling and release purposes. The unpack depots operate on a one-for-one pallets swap basis and therefore we must supply an empty pallet back, for every pallet taken.

Whilst this is often done on a good will basis in order to facilitate deliveries and avoid the time and labour intensive process of hand loading on an off the trucks, we are finding that fewer pallets are being returned, resulting in a substantial shortfall at this time.

We therefore ask that you please ensure that empty pallets are made available to drivers for uplift and return to the depots, to avoid additional handling upon delivery or costs for sourcing replacement pallets on your behalf.

If you have empty pallets on hand, please contact our Mondiale LCL Despatch Team as follows:

Phone               09 256-4211

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