Italy Bio-Security Issues & additional charges

For some time now NZ BIO SECURITY has been making regular interceptions of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (referred to as BMSB) in containerised cargo from Italy. This bug is considered to be a great threat to New Zealand.

Immediately prior to Christmas, BIO SECURITY issued written notice advising that with immediate effect all containers from Italy would have to either have been fumigated at origin OR be fumigated upon arrival in New Zealand, at the actual Port of arrival, prior to release.

It is thought this regulation will stay in place until at least the beginning of March 2018.

What does this mean for you?



For some time now the above mandatory fumigation rule has applied to containers of Machinery, Farm Equipment and Tyres. It now applies to ALL full container movements from Italy.

The costs for having containers fumigated in NZ upon arrival does vary from Port to Port, but the approximate cost will be NZ$520.00 per 20’ / NZ$660.00 per 40’. This includes container re-positioning on the Port, the Fumigation itself and Gas recapture. It does NOT include any Port Demurrage charges that may be incurred as a result of the container having to wait on the Port in a fumigation “cue” or post treatment inspection – if required.

Unfortunately all costs associated with the above will have to be passed on to the Importer.



Since Christmas every one of our Italian Groupage (LCL) containers that has landed has had to be fumigated on the Port prior to release. This has 2 main affects;

  1. There will be a time delay in having the Italian LCL cargo available. The Fumigation will always be carried out at the Fumigation area on Auckland Port. Once completed we can uplift the container and arrange unloading as per norm. The additional time that this will take will really depend on the number of (Italian) containers that are in the “cue” at the Port waiting to be Fumigated. At this stage our best estimate is a delay of 4 – 5 working days.
  2. There are additional costs that will have to be passed on to the Importer, at least in part, to cover the container movement within the Port to the Fumigation area, the Fumigation itself, and the secondary inspection prior to release by BIO SECURITY. This will be NZ$ 20.00 per m3.



We are in the process of confirming what these costs are and what the time allowance is for having this completed in Italy.

On the down side it will mean in many cases that shipping will be delayed a week.

On the positive side we know BIO SECURITIES preference is to have the containers fumigated at origin. This means the “issue” is dealt with prior to arriving in New Zealand. It also means importers will be able to obtain their shipments a lot quicker and avoid any potential Port Demurrage fees.


If you have any queries regarding the above situation, please contact your Mondiale representative.

Finally - regardless of anything mentioned above, it is most important that any evidence found in any of your shipments that indicates the existence of this pest, should be brought to the attention of BIO SECURITY immediately.

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