USA - LCL Intermodal Fuel Surcharge

The USA market continues to face challenges with both FCL and LCL trucking and intermodal transportation. There is a growing shortage of qualified drivers, both for the international and domestic market. This has resulted in increased pricing for FCL shipments, and in most cases for LCL collections also.

As a result of the increased FCL trucking prices and continued pressure securing truckers, we are required to implement an increase to the Export Intermodal Fuel Surcharge. The increased charges will be effective for all LCL cargo received into USA depots on or after 11th March.

LCL Intermodal Fuel Surcharge

Ex-all depots except Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, New York       US$ 5.00 per w/m (previously US$ 3 per w/m)
Ex-Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, New York                                US$ 4.00 per w/m (previoulsy US$ 2 per w/m)

FCL trucking continues to cause issues, and prices are likely to increase from all areas. FCL Truckers remain heavily over-booked from most areas, particularly for hazardous shipments. In addition to any trucking increases, chassis shortages in some areas will result in increase to rental costs and/or chassis split fees depending on availability. As always, chassis charges are invoiced at cost at the time of shipment. Pre-pull charges may also be assessed and invoiced by carriers on some FCL loads, and will be advised at the time of shipment.

Some of the factors that are having a negative effect on sourcing truckers and drivers are:

  • New “Electronic Log Device” (ELDs)
  • Fewer available qualified drivers available; particularly for hazardous cargo and/or over-weight cargo
  • Increasing operating and fuel costs
  • Limited free-time at US rail-ramps/depots
  • Limited chassis and container equipment, causing lengthy waiting times
  • Winter weather issues, particularly in the Midwest, Ohio Valley, Southeast and Gulf areas

We will continue to monitor the situation, and keep you advised.

Please contact our USA team if you require any further clarification.

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