LPC Customer Notice - Industrial Action Lyttelton Port

Please see the below notice that we have received from the Lyttelton Port. Please contact your Mondiale representative if you have any concerns.


As valued customers you will be aware and obviously concerned around the current industrial situation at Lyttelton Port. Over the past few days we have received a range of strikes notices:

  1. An overtime ban on our mechanical workshop from 3rd March to 25th March 
  2. A full withdrawal of labour on the 8th, 9th and 10th March 

The impacts of the overtime ban have the potential to disrupt operations during the weekends. However we are working on contingencies to restrict the impacts. We expect them to be limited. 

The full withdrawal of labour is more challenging. We are working on contingencies. However it is likely that if the RMTU continue down this path we will have severe disruption to all Port services over this period. LPC is committed to settling this dispute without disruption to our customers however we cannot agree to the unreasonable double digit pay increases the RMTU members are demanding. These include wage increases of between 4% and 15.45% depending on their work area.

LPC’s offer is comparable to our settlement last year with MUNZ and well in excess of settlements in other ports that the RMTU have agreed to.

Claims by the RMTU of Health & Safety issues at LPC are completely unfounded and are part of their industrial agenda. We understand that you as our customer will see that for what it is. However we would like to give you assurances that we conduct business and provide you services in a safe manner, a process that the members of the RMTU are fully engaged with.

We will continue to keep you updated as we look to settle this dispute without significant impacts to our customers or staff that ultimately will be negatively affected by this action.

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