Update 1 : Industrial Action at Lyttelton Port

LPC has now received strike notices for six days issued by the Rail and Maritime Union of New Zealand (RMTU).

RMTU members at Lyttelton Port will be taking the following industrial action:

  • Full withdrawal of labour on 8 - 13 March.
  • An overtime ban on our mechanical workshop from 3rd March to 25th March

We are working with shipping lines to ensure their vessels are worked this weekend, when the overtime ban begins, although there will be some delays.

However, on strike days when there is a full withdrawal of labour LPC will be unable to provide most services to shipping lines and other customers. We regret the disruption RMTU’s industrial action will cause.

We have been issued with six individual notices for 24 hour full day strikes on top of the weekend overtime strike by Maintenance staff for the whole of March. By providing notices in this form (multiple and overlapping), RMTU has made it difficult for us to provide certainty to our customers regarding the impacts of the strikes and the level of services we can maintain.

We have challenged the overlapping notices with the RMTU as we do not believe these comply with the requirements of the Employment Relations Act 2000. We are also reviewing our options for responding to the series of individual strike notices and how we can limit disruption to our Customers.

RMTU is daily issuing a one day strike notice. Receiving strike notices one day at a time maximises the potential for disruption of port services and increases uncertainty for customers.

We were very disappointed to receive the industrial action notices as we are asking RMTU members to accept small changes most of which have already been embraced by their colleagues in the other major Union at the Port, MUNZ. The changes are necessary so we can continue to improve customer service and remain competitive with other ports.

We will continue to provide you with regular updates.

If you have any questions relating to the effects of the industrial action please discuss them with your Mondiale representative.

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