Update 5 : Industrial Action at Lyttelton Port reinstated

Please see the below notice we have received from the Ports of Lyttetlon. Please contact your Mondiale representative if more information is required.

CUSTOMER NOTICE - 12 March 2018
Lyttelton Port disappointed Union strikes to proceed from midnight

Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) is very disappointed that the Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) today refused a generous salary increase offer during mediation and insists on striking from midnight tonight. We have now received strike notices for 13 - 25 March inclusive.

This is in spite of LPC offering RMTU members a 3% salary increase each year for three years while asking for no changes in their conditions of work.

We are no longer asking them to make the roster changes, agreed to a year ago by their Maritime Union of New Zealand (MUNZ) colleagues at the Port, which would allow us to offer customers more flexible servicing of their vessels. The reason MUNZ members received a salary increase of 4% this year and 3% for the next two years was because they embraced and are working the flexible roster RMTU is refusing to accept.


We have previously offered RMTU members in the Terminal parity with these conditions and wages. However, RMTU want the same salary increases as their MUNZ colleagues while refusing to make the same roster changes.

We regret this unnecessary disruption for customers being caused by the Union’s industrial action. This is why we dropped our claim for roster changes and last week made such a generous offer to them to try and resolve the dispute.

Operations during Strike Period

Berthing Vessels
LPC will be unable to berth any vessels during the strike period. This includes Container, Coal, Bulk, Tankers and any vessel requiring pilot and/or tug assistance. 

LCT Operations
The Container Terminal will not be stevedoring any container vessels or coal vessels during the strike period.

The Container Terminal and Empty Container Yard (ECY) will be open for Receival and Delivery of cargo between the hours of 0700 and 1500 Monday – Saturday. 

No services will be available on Sunday.

We will be able to continue Reefer Power and Monitoring services at the Terminal.

Train capacity between KiwiRail CT and LCT will be limited to one train per day. Customers should contact KiwiRail to discuss contingencies.

We will continue to receive cargo with a valid booking number for vessels scheduled to call at Lyttelton. However shippers should consult directly with their shipping lines to determine what contingency plans are in place for export cargo prior to bringing cargo into the Port. 

Where port omissions are likely and customers have the ability to hold cargo at their facilities, or at alternate facilities, we would appreciate these options being considered to assist with potential capacity issues at the Port which could result from cargo build up.

Due to the fluid nature of this situation we will continue to monitor our approach to receiving export cargo and keep you updated.

CityDepot and MidlandPort
Neither CityDepot nor MidlandPort will be affected by the strikes. For those customers that use these facilities for full cargo, we are monitoring yard and rail capacity closely and will liaise with you if we start seeing a build up of cargo. If vessel calls are uncertain, we would ask that cargo is held on site where possible. Train capacity between MidlandPort and LCT will be limited to one train service.

We remain committed to resolving the dispute but we cannot accept the Union’s unreasonable salary increase demands and inflexible position.

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