China Customs Advance Manifest

Jun 01

Imports from China
China Customs Order No. 56 has issued an adjustment effective 1st June requiring an advanced manifest to be submitted electronically 24 hours prior to vessel loading.

From an import perspective, below are the mandatory data your supplier is required to present to China Customs:

  • Consignee's company and address
  • Consignee's company number (as issued by the New Zealand Companies Office)
    referred to in China as Company Code or Enterprise Code
  • Consignee's company main phone number
  • Consignee's contact person and direct line number

If your shipment is To Order, the company name, address, company number and main phone number are to be listed on the Notify Party column

Export Airfreight & Export Seafreight requirements into China
Shippers full contact details including contact person - telephone number and company number (as issued by the New Zealand Companies Office)

  • Consignees full contact details including telephone number
  • Consignees USCI/Unified Social Credit Identifier of Registered Company in China
  • Valid commodity name/accurate description of goods

Friday, 1 June 2018

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