Emergency Bunker (Fuel) Surcharge LCL Update

Further to our advice on the 5th of June please note the following updates. 

LCL to NZper w|meffective
Asia | Sth Africa | Sth America
(incl any European cargo that moves via Singapore)
US$ 2.50 1st July 2018
Canada US$ 2.00 1st July 2018
Middle East US$ 2.50 1st July 2018
Europe to North Island EUR 2.45  1st July 2018 
(previously EUR 2.25 per w|m)
Europe to South Island US$ 2.50 1st June 2018
Mediterranean EUR 2.45 1st July 2018 
(previously EUR 2.25 per w|m)
  US$ 2.50 1st July 2018  
Australia (all ports) AU$ 3.00 1st June 2018


Rendered in 0.047
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