2018/19 BMSB Season - vehicle standard update

Please find the latest advice from MPI on BMSB Season 2018-2019 via the following link :


This page contains most of the information you will need for this season and any Import Health Standard updates relating to the BMSB season will be posted here.

The changes to the vehicle standard are quite varied in their consignment specific requirements. It is our recommendation that anyone importing via this standard from 1st September has a thorough read of the new vehicle standard now to understand how it impacts any particular consignment.

Given the closeness of the season there will be more communications coming from the various specialists regarding technical specifics, so please keep an eye out for these. In line with this, please expect  an urgent change to the Sea Container standard shortly in relation to this and BMSB. This will be up on MPI’s website when it is implemented which we will update all upon receipt.

Please contact your Mondiale representative if you require any further information.

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