Ports of Auckland closure * Update #2*

Please see the latest update on Auckland Port situation that we have received this afternoon. Please rest assured Mondiale is working very closely with the port to ensure we are uplifting import containers as quickly as can be physically achieved and working closely with them on our export seafreight programme.


31 August 2018 
Operational Update
Fergusson Terminal Operations Recommencement

Good afternoon

I’m writing with an update on the situation at Ports of Auckland following this week’s accident. We have been to visit our colleague and his family in hospital today, and there is no change to his situation. He remains critical, but stable. I’d like to thank you all for the messages of support, they are most appreciated. Fergusson Terminal is operating, but not at full capacity and will probably not do so for the next week.

R&D (Receival and Delivery) Gate Ops are running with limited VBS slots and most bookings manually managed between trucking companies and our Gate Ops team to target landed and cleared imports, active reefers and hazardous containers as well as export containers for the next vessels due on the berth. We have been working with Lines as to their berth times and extending cut offs where appropriate. We need to maintain this process of micro managing the situation for the next week until we are operating back to higher levels of service. Forward VBS slots will be limited so we can manage any additional capacity (resource) through manual releases.

Productivity is down at the moment, because of the impact of the accident. Our staff work closely together and are a tight-knit group, so the impact of the event has been strong. Quite a number of staff have needed support to help restart work and some have not yet been able to return. We will continue to provide support for our people but we expect the impact of the accident to be felt for some time. We are always mindful of our staff’s welfare and will not let people return to work until they are ready.

As a 24/7 operation we always have to carefully manage staff hours, even more so now with additional stress in place. We need to manage staff work hours and rosters very carefully and with a very busy week of shipping ahead we will have to reduce cranes to some services. We are working with Lines to forecast the most realistic working line up and berth windows will continue to be suspended for most of next week. This will have a flow on effect to container availability at the start of next week so reluctantly we must advise that the ability to pick up or deliver containers will be tightly controlled. Unfortunately, as we have experienced over the last 24 hours we can plan operations based on best estimate of people rostered to work but we are experiencing short notice changes. We fully appreciate that our problems are having an effect on you all. Please be assured we are doing our best to get service back to normal as soon as possible. It has been a very challenging week for everyone, and we thank you all once again for your patience and understanding. We will continue to keep you appraised of developments.

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