Ports of Auckland - Update #7

14 September 2018 : Operational Update
Fergusson Terminal Operations Update


Good afternoon

Terminal Yard congestion remains very high. Productivity has declined by approximately 20-30% at the crane which just illustrates how the operation is grinding away to keep containers flowing. This is purely down to the fact we have a large number of container stacks in the Terminal stacked to the maximum height of 3 containers resulting in a re-handle move in the yard for every 2 import containers we deliver off the Port.

We are continuing to micro manage operations balancing flows between ship side and the road/rail to ensure we can maximise the flow of containers through the Terminal and help reduce the congestion. Regrettably there is no easy solution to this as ships need to be serviced as does the road and rail whilst managing our staff’s hours of work.

As communicated yesterday we will cease crane operations this Monday 17th September from 0700 to 0700 Tuesday 18th September in an effort to put more capacity on the road after what is expected to be another very challenging weekend with larger discharges expected.

Our current situation is symptomatic of a heavily congested supply chain with little capacity flex. We are of course working towards a longer term solution with our own capacity and automation project but that is not due to come into operation until later in 2019. That is not to say that we will be caught in this current mode until then, but it does highlight the sensitivity of aligning supply with demand throughout the supply chain.

Craig Sain
General Manager Commercial Relationships

Operational update follows:

Today we would like to update you as follows –


  • Alongside and working: Schubert and MSC Banu
  • Arriving today: ANL Elanora and Cap Marin
  • Arriving tomorrow: Maersk Izmir and OOCL Savannah

Please continue to monitor Ports of Auckland website for changes in the vessel schedules.

VBS bookings continue to be managed based on the operational capacity throughout the day and night. Our Gate Ops team is working with trucking companies and managing priority bookings based on the vessel schedule. We ask that Carriers provide container numbers for the bookings required when sending their request through to the Driver Assist Team.

Trucking Companies will receive priority bookings for Hazardous and Reefer import containers. Please note that there will be no extra free time for DG containers and reefer containers – including power charges. Demurrage for all other units has been extended for the meantime.

For the next 24 hours priority will be given only to Export containers for:

  • Maersk Izmir;
  • OOCL Savannah.

We will start receiving Export containers for the following vessels from 0700 hours Saturday 15 September:

  • Kota Lestari;
  • Spirit of Shanghai;
  • Spirit of Canterbury.

Export receival for the following vessels will commence from 0700 Sunday 16 September:

  • Kota Ekspres;
  • Aglaia.

We request rail users refrain from sending Export Containers that are not for the above mentioned vessels. Containers that are booked to load later vessels will not be unloaded from the train and will be returned.

On Monday 17 September Fergusson Terminal will cease vessel operations from 0700 hours until 0700 hours Tuesday 18 September. The On Dock Link facility will remain open for de-hire of Empties. It is unlikely that we will be receiving Empty Export containers on Monday as priority will be given to laden containers only.

Multi Cargo wharves will remain unaffected.

We will update you again on Monday at 1400 hours.

For more information please contact: 

Customer Service
P: +64 9 348 5100 Ext.1
Email us here

For VBS queries, please contact:
Drivers Assist
P: +64 9 348 5100 Ext.2
Email: driversassist@poal.co.nz


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