USA to NZ Increase Announcements (EFAF | FCL | LCL)

USA to NZ - EFAF  Increase Announcement
Please note the USA direct shipping lines have announced EFAF will be increasing effective 1st October from ;
                   US$ 686 per TEU to US$ 701 per TEU

USA to NZ – USA FCL Increase Announcement
Please note we have been advised by shipping lines that there will be a GRI applied of US$ 100 per cntr for all cargo received on|after the 15th of October 2018. 

USA to NZ – USA  LCL Increase Announcement
As a direct result of the FCL and EFAF increased, all LCL rates will increase by US$ 4 per w|m. This will come into effect for cargo received into USA depots on/after 6th October 2018.

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