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ANZL | JKN | NZJ Service – Original Schedule

ANZL | JKN | NZJ Service – Slide Down Schedule

Further to above comparison, you will notice that effective from Aglaia v53, the transit time to NZ has increased by 7 days.

For some time now the published schedule was rarely achieved . Often NZ ports had to be dropped in an attempt to get back on schedule .

The typhoon season in Asia plus port congestion in Shanghai especially, Brisbane & now Auckland has resulted in the vessel operators needing to factor in an additional 7 days to maintain a reliable schedule.

This revamped schedule will continue until at least week 39 ex Asia with the MOL Destiny v40.

The consortium partners are hopeful that the blank sailing on Week 40 due to China’s closure for Golden Week holidays from1st to 7th October will enable the service to return to a 42 day rotation effective from the Aglaia v54.

Blank sailings on all direct services from Asia

To follow are details of Golden Week blankings by the other direct consortiums :

ANZEX | CNS | NCS | NZ2 Service - Blanking


Ports of Auckland delays impacting on overall lead time
Given the growing challenges facing the trade and industry mainly weather events in Asia and crisis at the Ports of Auckland, we recommend factoring an additional week to your overall shipping lead time even if you are not importing into Auckland.

As a consequence of the congestion at POA, vessels have been diverted to Tauranga or omitted ports to regain schedule.

Inbound vessels are currently over supported and volumes are expected to remain strong leading up to Christmas and Chinese New Year in early February.

It is more important than ever to communicate any special timeline requirement you may have at shipment level to your Mondiale Customer Service specialist in which case, the emphasis will lean towards service reliability as opposed to price point.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your Mondiale Representative.

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