Shanghai Re-Scheduling - Impact of China Customs enforcing manifest regulation

Further to China Customs enforcing the accuracy of data on the preliminary manifest  from 1st November, it is necessary to advance our LCL operations in Shanghai as follows :-

LCL close off advancing to Tuesday (previously Wednesday)

Booking close off                                   Monday 12noon
Customs Documenation close off           Tuesday 3pm
Cargo close off                                      Tuesday 5pm

The new schedule is effective from the NYK Futago v52 ;

ETD Shanghai 5th November
ETA Auckland 23rd November
ETA Lyttelton 26th November
ETA Wellington 27th November

Booking                                    Monday  29th October   @ 12noon
Customs Documentation            Tuesday  30th October   @ 3pm  
Cargo                                       Tuesday  30th October   @ 5pm  

Although the policy has been in place for some time, adherence isn’t mandatory until 1st November. The main changes being :

Container and seal numbers 
Are currently not required on the manifest submitted prior to Customs clearance meaning more operational time for suppliers however the new policy requires this information. 

Commodity & data integrity
Currently shipment details on the pre clearance manifest can differ to the export entry however From 1st November, Customs clearance will not proceed if the data on the preliminary manifest do not match the export entry.

Consolidation containers
Currently do not need to be pre manifested however this will be required from 1st November.

Any change to the commodity, package and weight count, container number or cancellation of one LCL shipment means re-submission for all the shipments in that particular container.

FCL manifest close off

FCLs are subject to the same requirement and therefore your suppliers will be advancing their operations such as picking up of empty container, loading etc.

Below is a proforma guideline on the manifest close off for FCLs. The timings are still being tweaked as our partner CIFF is negotiating with the shipping lines or their agents to achieve the most advantageous close off they can. 

Shipping lines who manage the pre clearance manifest through an agent and therefore require earlier close off are as listed  ;

One Line                      ETD Monday     Customs manifest close off        Wednesday @ 10am
Hamburg Sud               ETD Monday     Customs manifest close off        TBA
ANL|APL|OOCL             ETD Friday        Customs manifest close off        TBA
MSC                            ETD Thursday   Customs manifest close off        TBA

Shipping lines who are able to receive the pre manifest directly :

COSCO CNS | PIL                                ETD Friday       Customs manifest close off        TBA
Maersk Triple Star Triple Star                ETD Tuesday    Customs manifest close off        Fri 10:00am
Maersk Southern Star AE6 feeder         Customs manifest close off                               TBA
Maersk Southern Star AE7 feeder         Customs manifest close off                               TBA

CIFF Shanghai offices closed 5th and 6th November due to China Int’l Import expo ( CIIE )

The building where the CIFF offices are located have been mandated by the China government to be closed during the above duration for security reasons.   

The LCL booking and customs close off for the Maersk Garonne 443 ;

ETD Shanghai 12th November
ETA Auckland   30th November
ETA Lytt           3rd December

will be advanced as follows :

Booking close off                     Friday             2nd November @ 12noon
Customs Docs close off            Saturday         3rd November @ 3pm
Cargo close off                        Tuesday           6th November @ 5pm

If you require further information please contact your Mondiale representative.

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