Coastal Shipping Constraints

Just to keep you in the loop of current operational challenges, please note that most of the inbound vessel into Auckland port are sailing behind schedule. As a result these vessel are arriving late and outside their berthing window.

The shipping lines are working with the port to maximise the exchange on the vessels in the most efficient manner however with the peak season, terminal yard capacity stretched, limited berthing window etc the only option in order to bring these vessel back on schedule is to have a move count or an exchange restriction applied.

Priority will be provided to International Import and Export cargo followed by domestic coastal and empty container relocations.

As a result we foresee a risk / exposure to domestic coastal movements for the next couple of weeks which may be rolled. In the last week we have also seen domestic coastal containers being rolled of the vessels creating additional capacity issues at the port.

Currently shipping lines are reluctant to confirm domestic coastal bookings on their services due to the uncertainty around exchange restrictions that may be imposed on arrival for the reasons mentioned above.

Mondiale are working closely with the shipping lines on alternative solutions and will keep you posted on further developments accordingly.

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