Used machinery cleaning certificate requirement – effective 1st December 2018

Cleaning certificates for used machinery will be mandatory from the 1st December 2018, requirements as per section 3.1   Vehicle , Machinery and Equipment (VME) standard

Note: This requirement has nothing to do with BMSB requirements, but is a general update the VME standard.

All used machinery as described below must be cleaned (externally and internally before arrival in NZ).

Further explanations and the cleaning certificate template is found at the following link :   

Further information on how to clean and what to look out for can be found in the guidance document :

Used machinery consignments will be inspected on arrival, and treated if found to be non-compliant. However if treatment is not possible, then the consignment will be reshipped or destroyed. We strongly encourage you to send used machinery that is compliant to the standard.

Used machinery where it is essential to provide a cleaning certificate:

1)    Used off-road machinery/vehicles
2)    Used agricultural machinery
3)    Used horticultural machinery
4)    Used tracked vehicles
5)    Used forestry machinery

Should you require any further information on the above, please contact your Mondiale representative.

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