Lyttelton Container Terminal VBS

Lyttelton Port Company will be implementing their live VBS (Vehicle Booking System) for all full import & export containers from Wednesday 27th March 2019 @ 0700hrs.

Currently the VBS only applies to the empty container depots but is now being extended to the container terminal.

As of 27th March, all container trucks will require a valid One Stop vehicle booking in order to be processed. Booking Fee Charges will start from 1st April 2019.

Transport operators will need to book a timeslot to either drop-off or pick up containers. Bookings will require date and time needed to deliver or pick-up a container and a booking only covers one container for one hour slot.

Import containers must be Customs & MPI cleared before a VBS booking can me made.

Export containers must be pre-advised at the port prior to making VBS booking

Time Zones
Times will be hour to hour (ie; 0 to 23) so a booking for 8 relates to a booking slot any time between 8am and 9am with time zones open for Vehicle acceptance 15 minutes prior to the time zone starting.

Vehicle acceptance will close 15 minutes after the end of the time zone so this will provide a 90 minute window from arrival at the depot.

Vehicles may still be accepted up to 45 minutes after the end of a time zone but will incur a later arrival fee.

If the vehicle does not arrive  within the 45 minutes of the end of the time zone it will be classed as a no-show and incur a no-show fee and require a new timeslot booking.

Mondiale will charge a Timeslot Fee of NZ$ 15 +GST for containers that are uplifted or delivered to port from 1st April.

Additional Charges from Lyttelton Port (if applicable)
Late Arrival Fee             NZ$ 20 per container +GST
No-Show Fee                NZ$ 50 per container +GST

Should you have any questions please contact your Account Manager or Mondiale representative.

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