Mondiale Cartage - Operational Hours over Easter & Anzac week

With regards to the upcoming short week due to EASTER and ANZAC Day, we would like to share the operational hours of our Transport Team.

Thursday 18th - Until 2300

Friday 19th - Closed

Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st, Monday 22nd - From 0700-1500

Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th - From 0500-2300

Thursday 25th - 0700-1500

Friday 26th - 24 Hours

There will be significant pressure on all parties within the supply chain as not only the port operations (Road) but also many Customers and Distribution Centres are closed during the holiday period or working reduced hours.

We anticipate congestion and turn time issues immediately after the holiday week and therefore would encourage if some details can be provided in terms of priorities so that Mondiale can source VBS bookings well in advance to ensure operational movement to and from the port can be managed smoothly.

Mondiale, as always, will work towards ensuring additional cost during this period is kept to a minimum. However, we can not be liable for detention or demurrage and/or futile trips incurred, due to capacity issues or as a result of delays beyond our control.

If there are operational requirements or priorities which you would like to be managed please contact our transport team accordingly via FCLOPS@MONDIALE.CO.NZ

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