Ports of Auckland Notice : Missed VBS Bookings Charge

The Ports of Auckland (POAL) have implemented a charge of $75.00 +GST for missed VBS bookings unless it is cancelled within an allocated time for both imports and exports. If a booking is missed which was beyond Mondiale’s control (e.g. a container was not ready for pick up at an advised time) the cost will be required to be on-charged accordingly. This is referenced as per the below advice|link received from the POAL: https://www.poal.co.nz/media/operational-update-implementation-of-vbs-no-show-charges-1-june-2019

Good Afternoon,

Firstly we would like to acknowledge the great effort by trucking companies and cargo owners to plan and organise loads throughout the recent peak import season, and to thank you for this work. There are ongoing constraints in Auckland’s supply chain and we all need to do everything we can to make the supply chain work better.

One issue we have identified here at the port is the high number of ‘no shows’ for booked VBS slots. A ‘no show’ is when a slot is booked and then either isn’t used or isn’t relisted. This is a waste of valuable capacity for the port and trucking companies, and is unfair on those who are using the system properly.

After a lot of discussion with trucking companies, National Road Carriers (NRC) and Road Transport Association (RTA), we have agreed to implement a ‘no show’ fee to encourage the right behaviour and enhance efficiency and fairness around the use of VBS bookings.

From 1st June 2019, a No Show fee of $75 +GST will be charged to trucking companies who make a VBS booking with a valid container number but do not register at the kiosk or office before the close of that booking hour.

Bookings that will not be used, must be relisted no less than two hours prior to the start of the booking time. Any booking relisted after this time will be considered a "relist – no show" and will not be subject to the $75 charge at this stage.

No Show reports are available from the Gate Operations team

We will continue to work with individual trucking companies, the NRC and RTA to achieve the best efficiency for this critical part of the Terminal operation.

Please contact your Mondiale representative if further information is required.

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