Update on BMSB Season ex Italy for NZ

As you will be aware all risk cargo from Italy must be treated offshore during BMSB season from ETD 1st September 2019 to ETA 30th April 2020.

The Italian offshore treatment providers have very strict guidelines on how containers should be packed to ensure the treatment is effective so please take note of the following.

Guidelines for Loading FCL;

  • The cargo should be palletised as they require 10-15cm space on the ground to allow the air to circulate
  • 25cm from the doors
  • 35-40cm from the roof of the container
  • 30-40cm on one side of the container – this is to allow the provider to have access to the back of the container as they have to survey and position temperature probes – and 10-15cbm on the other side to allow air flow
  • All providers ask to see with photos of the loaded container before they will agree to treat the container

FCL Treatment Options Available;

Your Mondiale representative will discuss options with you at the time of booking.


LCL Treatment
All LCL will incur an additional cost during BMSB season. This is currently EUR 15 per w/m – please note this charge will be reviewed once updated treatment pricing is available on 1 September.

LCL will be treated with sulfuryl fluoride.

If we have sensitive cargo which cannot be treated, it will be added to the container within 24 hours post treatment. If your cargo cannot be treated with sulfuryl fluoride, please notify your customer service representative to discuss alternative options.

The LCL service ex Italy via Singapore will be suspended during BMSB unless goods are considered sensitive (refer to the below list).

Sensitive Cargo List

  • Agricultural Compounds and veterinary medicines
  • food for human consumption (including beverages)
  • fresh produce
  • frozen food products
  • live animals
  • leather goods (apparel and furniture)
  • pet food
  • pharmaceutical products
  • polyurethane foam products bales
  • refrigerated goods
  • seed for sowing
  • textiles (including yarn)
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