BMSB 2019-2020 Season ex Germany, Netherlands & Belgium to New Zealand

As you will be aware by order of MPI all VMP (Vehicle, Machinery & Parts) cargos ex Schedule 3 countries must be treated for Brown Mamorated Sting Bug (BMSB)  during BMSB season from ETD 1st September 2019 to ETA 30th April 2020. The following advice is for all cargos ex Germany, Netherlands or Belgium and for cargos transiting via these countries for export to New Zealand. To note Germany, Netherlands & Belgium offshore treatment providers have very strict guidelines on how containers should be packed to ensure the treatment is effective so please take note of the following:

MPI Guidelines for Loading FCL
MPI periodically requires containers (and cargo) to be treated to kill pests, and recommends containers are packed with enough space (≥200 mm around the contents of the container) to allow for treatment.

Note: If containers are too full and there is insufficient space for circulation and sensors for treatment, MPI may consider biosecurity risk is too great to allow unloading; and such containers are likely to be rejected and re-shipped out of New Zealand.

FCL Treatment Options Available
Hamburg | Bremerhaven                       Heat and Sulfuryl Fluoride
Rotterdam | Antwerp                            Sulfuryl Fluoride

Your Mondiale representative will discuss options & pricing with you at the time of booking.

LCL Treatment

Germany (Hamburg)
All cargos, unless explicitly advised by the supplier or consignee as being sensitive and unable to undertake Sulfuryl Fluoride Treatment, will be treated prior to shipping. The cost of treatment will be EUR 25.00 w/m (EUR 25.00 minimum) subject to change. Sensitive cargos will either be looked to be added to the container after all other cargos have been treated or on a bi-weekly service of non–VMP (Vehicle, Machinery & Parts) cargos.

Netherlands (Rotterdam) & Belgium (Antwerp)
All Dutch & Belgium LCL shipments, along any other countries (i.e. Sth Germany/ Switzerland/ France) LCL cargos shipping VMP (Vehicle, Machinery & Parts) via our Antwerp/ Rotterdam Groupage programs will be handled over our Antwerp groupage service and will be treated via Sulfuryl Fluoride. The cost set is EUR 15.00 per w/m with a minimum charge set at EUR 150.00 - subject to change.

Sensitive Cargo List

  • agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines
  • food for human consumption (including beverages)
  • fresh produce
  • frozen food products
  • live animals
  • leather goods (apparel and furniture)
  • pet food
  • pharmaceutical products
  • polyurethane foam products bales
  • refrigerated goods
  • seed for sowing
  • textiles (including yarn)

Please contact your Mondiale representative should you have any questions regarding BMSB and processes thereof.

MPI have presented an on-line tool for determining if your cargo type is subject to VMP BMSB treatment as actioned thereof to be undertaken. This can be found via:

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