Hong Kong Protest notice

Due to the recent Hong Kong Protest, Customs in Hong Kong have listed prohibited items to be exported from China to Hong Kong (final destination Hong Kong or tranship via Hong Kong). The scope of goods under the port is prohibited (including but not limited to):

  1. Protective gear - helmets, helmets, gloves, sleeves, wristbands, outdoor glasses, game glasses, sunglasses, safety goggles, ski goggles (glasses), masks, gas masks, masks, shields, protective gear, bracelets, hats, headgear, eye masks, cloth covers

  2. Tools - sticks, crutches, umbrellas, straight bone umbrellas, folding umbrellas, toy guns, field guns, air guns, hunting knives, outdoor knives, blades, knives (with knife type), scissors (including gardening scissors) iron pipe, aluminium pipe, steel pipe (with pipe type), steel bar, folding stick, plastic hard pipe, cable tie (strap, nylon cable tie), fuel tank, pliers, child, steel ball, sight, wrench, flammable and explosive materials, steel nails, golf clubs, selfie sticks (sticks, rods), laser class - laser, laser pointer, laser pen, touch pen, infrared pen, tactical pen, infrared radiation, flashlight, light stick (flash stick)

  3. Sound class - loudspeakers, speakers, stereos, speakers, walkie-talkies (intercom speakers), audio tapes, sounders

  4. Medical - straps (bandages), band-aids, saline, tape, disinfectant, medical masks

  5. Flight class - related to flying in the air, such as drones, RC planes, and aircraft

  6. Promotional categories - printed matter (paper), related national territorial books, atlas, photo albums, labels, leaflets, instructions, bag stickers, children's picture books, colour cards, stickers, banners (banners), globes, maps, flags, flagpoles, flags

  7. Others - towels, rain cover, tow rope, camouflage, black top (including T-shirt), reflective clothing, cloth, powder, liquid, gas, food, mouth whistle, remote control toy, hinge, anklet, chain.

  8. High-risk inspection of the scope of goods (including but not limited to): T-shirt, white ribbon, backpack, sunshade, wrapping paper

If you require any further information in the meantime, please contact your Mondiale representative.

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