BMSB Surcharge ex-USA * Revised Pricing Structure *

Thank you for your continued support of Mondiale during the current BMSB season, and our process to ensure best practice for all cargo. Our current process of treating LCL cargo at full container level will remain in place, and this has proved successful with no containers requiring additional treatment or re-exportation upon arrival.

Shippers/Customers must declare cargo correctly and accurately in line with NZ MPI BMSB requirements for each booking from the USA. Any shipments that are marked as “sensitive cargo / Do Not Fumigate” will be referred to Mondiale for confirmation. This is to confirm that cargo has not been inadvertently mis-declared and also for checking with MPI if required.

We have been liaising with fumigation provider at origin, and have been able to reduce costs associated with fumigation. As a result, Mondiale are pleased to be able to adjust pricing accordingly, and updated pricing structure for LCL cargo from USA to New Zealand will be as below. One factor behind this adjustment was the limited number of at-risk commodities for the New Zealand market. Should the New Zealand authorities update or increase the list of at-risk commodities, we will address accordingly and keep you advised.

BMSB Surcharge – LCL Cargo ex-USA (all origins) – new pricing effective 27th October
At-Risk Cargo                US$ 30.00 per w|m       (US$ 30.00 minimum)
Non-Risk Cargo             US$ 15.00 per w|m       (US$ 15.00 minimum)

Please contact your Mondiale representative if an updated BMSB Declaration form for LCL cargo is required. This has been updated to determine if cargo is at-risk for charging purposes. If cargo is non-risk but can be fumigated, please select the first option. If cargo is sensitive cargo only and/or cannot be fumigated due to harm to product, please tick the second box. Your cargo will then be loaded once container has been vented to >1ppm reading, and will be loading alongside treated cargo. 

If you are unsure if your cargo falls under the at-risk commodity list, please check with your Customs Broker or MPI directly. MPI have set up an email address specifically for BMSB queries, and this is as below:

Please contact your Mondiale representative if you do require any further information or clarification.

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