Charter flights to|from Shanghai (updated) – space and services available

Further to our previous advice, we are happy to advise that the third flight is now confirmed, and we are now offering a fourth flight, details of which are as follows:-

Third Flight - Confirmed
Departing         Auckland          on 14th April      to Shanghai
Departing         Shanghai          on 15th April      to Auckland

Fourth Flight - Confirmed  
Departing         Auckland          on 20th April      to Shanghai
Departing         Shanghai         on 21st April      to Auckland

Space is currently available on all of these flights. Please note we will be able to offer services to and from other parts of China via Shanghai on these services. Should these flights be of assistance to your supply chain, please let us know. Contact details as follows for your reference;

For EXPORTS from Auckland to Shanghai | China, please contact

Steve Smith | Export Compliance Manager
DDI      09 256 4147       
Mob      021 398 425


For IMPORTS from Shanghai | China to New Zealand, please contact

Gracie Rogers | Import Airfreight & Warehouse Manager
DDI      09 256 4127 
Mob      027 495 5352

We hope that this service will assist with your requirements.

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