New USA Health and Safety Surcharge

In the current global Covid-19 situation, we continue to face challenges with the supply chain networks and additional requirements in our own Brennan depots and facilities across the USA. Our Brennan CFS teams are working around the clock in order to maintain our high quality and reliable services for your cargo, whilst implementing very specific health and safety measures in all CFS stations to protect our staff. This includes measures to maintain physical distancing, and high sanitation procedures throughout the supply chain process. Some of the  additional costs and measures that have been put in place due to Covid-19 pandemic are as below :

  • Personal Protective Equipment – all CFS staff are provided with gloves, masks and eyewear. These items are replaced at very regular intervals throughout the day.

  • Increased availability and placement of hand sanitisers and cleaning materials.

  • Physical and social distancing measures :

Reduced number of staff allowed to unload and load containers (previously we would have had 3-4, but this is now restricted to 2 staff members)

Shut down of alternate dock doors in order to ensure proper spacing of staff, which reduces the number of trucks that can be handled per shift

Additional breaks to allow for proper hand washing after any contact or interaction with cargo or people, along with refreshing PPE gear

Adjusted shifts to ensure proper staffing, which has resulted in premium shift costs in some locations to maintain cargo movement

In order to ensure operational continuity and to keep our service levels high, we have had to implement a temporary Health and Safety Surcharge of USD 15.00 per bill of lading. The HSS surcharge will be invoiced on the export bill of lading as a collect charge for all cargo handled in and out of the USA. This surcharge will allow Brennan to cover part of the operating cost increases incurred in our depots, and further necessary adjustments we anticipate will be required moving forward. This emergency surcharge will be applicable from 15th May 2020. This will also be applied for exports ex NZ to USA.

Please note this charge is temporary due to the global pandemic, and will be assessed on a regular basis.  

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