COVID Level 3 (Auckland) | Level 2 Rest of the Country

As announced on the weekend, Auckland has moved up to alert level 3 and the rest of the country is alert level 2. From an Auckland perspective we have initiated our business continuity plan. As an essential service Mondiale will continue to ensure the supply chain integrity for our clients is maintained. Further reference on current alert levels please refer to

Unless we are advised differently, all freight movements will continue to be arranged and deliveries domestically will continue to be made as per normal process.

Should you be unable to receive deliveries, we would ask that you please advise our transport department directly via email as follows;


This way other arrangements can be explored where necessary. Given the current congestion and volumes currently being moved at present we need to ensure freight movements continue unabated to ensure delays and further congestion are minimized.

Please note we have been advised by Auckland unpack station CODA that under their Health & Safety policy and Covid19 ruling they will be maintaining a two metre working distance from all people (including staff members|operators) at all times. They are only allowed to have one operator in a container at any time during L3. This will have a very adverse effect on the number of containers they will be able to unpack each night. We will keep in close contact with CODA to ensure that we get containers unpacked as quickly as possible but please be advised there will be unavoidable delays.

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