Suez Canal Delays

Due to an incident occurring on Tuesday March 23rd  the Suez Canal passage is currently blocked to vessels in both directions. A container ship operated by Evergreen Marine was knocked off course by strong winds and a sandstorm leading to a mega-vessel be wedged sideways within the canal.  

Whilst efforts continue to free and correct the Evergreen vessel from the Suez Canal, upwards of two hundred vessels are stuck in both directions within the Canal where approximately 12% of global trade ships through. Suez Canal Authorities  are working on moving all north bound vessels out of the canal to facilitate a clear route when the Evergreen vessel has successfully been re-directed. The Suez Canal Authority are also redirecting vessels to Great Bitter Lake (Ismailia) to minimize the number waiting for anchorage at Port Said/Suez.

Schedules will be affected for European/ Mediterranean northbound/ southbound Seafreight cargos via this routing as salvage efforts continue. The extent of delays unfortunately cannot be advised until this vessel has been re-floated. We are closely monitoring the redirection operations of this vessel and will advise of delays incurred due to this situation as best as we can.

Please feel free to contact your local Mondiale VGL representative should you have any concerns.

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