1 Apr

With the continuous interruption with supply chain, equipment challenges, and rising fuel costs, USA service providers have increased the rate levels for the chassis usage and fuel surcharge. To cover these cost increases, the below shows the new levels which will be take effect for cargo received…

22 Mar 2018
USA to NZ – Chassis Fee Increase

We have been advised from our USA Agent Brennan Int’l that chassis leasing companies and drayage companies continue to experience rising labor cost, maintenance costs, and equipment inventory management cost which has resulted in increases to the chassis rental|usage rates. To cover the increased…

18 Dec 2015
USA Chassis Surcharge Increase – 14th January 2016

We have been advised by Brennan that the chassis leasing/drayage companies continue to experience rising labor and maintenance costs, resulting in their increasing the chassis rental charged.   Additionally, more and more terminals are requiring delivery of chassis to off-site facilities, or…

3 Oct 2014
USA Chassis Surcharge Increase – Postponement

As previously advised the Chassis Surcharge will be increasing from USD 3.00 per w/m to USD 4.00 per w/m for all cargo exporting from North America to NZ.   This was going to take effect on the 25th of October but has now been postponed and will come into place on 1st November 2014.

15 Sep 2014
USA Chassis Surcharge Increase

As you, our valued USA customers are aware the carriers in most cases are no longer supplying chassis.   This has resulted in trucking companies having to provide them.  Since the chassis surcharge was implemented in 2012 our costs from the trucking companies has close to doubled.   In order to…

1 Sep 2012
USA LCL to NZ – Export Chassis Fee (effective 1st October 2012)

Over the past several years the steamship lines have fazed themselves out of the container Chassis Supply business one region at a time.  The burden to maintain and operate these chassis are borne from the chassis leasing companies or trucking companies maintaining their own equipment.  These costs…

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