4 Jul 2019
Fumigation Treatment Certificate ex China

We have been informed by MPI that Fumigation Treatment Certificates for imports from China have to carry the endorse logo by the General Administration of China Customs (GACC) on the top left corner of the certificate and bear the stamp by the issuing branch on the original certificate. Any…

16 Jan 2018
Italy Bio-Security Issues & additional charges

For some time now NZ BIO SECURITY has been making regular interceptions of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (referred to as BMSB) in containerised cargo from Italy. This bug is considered to be a great threat to New Zealand. Immediately prior to Christmas, BIO SECURITY issued written notice advising…

1 Sep 2017
Fumigation Recapture

You may or may not be aware that the Ports of Auckland has decided to make re-capture of methyl bromide mandatory from the 1st September 2017. This applies to containerised goods only and excludes fumigation by tarpaulin covers. Re-capture of tarpaulin fumigations becomes mandatory on 1st January…

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