27 May
USA to NZ - Change to LCL Hazardous Requirements

Please note effective immediately, our origin teams will require the SDS sheet for all hazardous LCL shipments.   In the past, we have only requested these for certain commodities when required by the shipping lines. However, we now have nearly all shipping lines requesting SDS sheets along with the…

31 Jan 2020
USA – LCL Hazardous Charges

Please note with increasing surcharges and hazardous paperwork requirements, our minimum origin hazardous charge has been increased as below : US$ 25.00         per w/mUS$ 100.00       minimum

3 Nov 2015
Your new legal obligation as an importer and manufacturer of hazardous substances

If you import or manufacture hazardous substances for sale or commercial use, the EPA will need to hear from you soon. New rules coming into effect on 19th November 2015 that will require importers or manufacturers of hazardous substances to provide their contact information to the Environmental…

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