27 Aug 2020
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) Season 2020|21 – Italy to NZ

New Zealand MPI has provisionally finalised the Import Health Standard for SEACO (Sea Containers). The full document is available on the MPI website as follows; https://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/dmsdocument/41620-sea-containers-provisional-ihs As you will be aware all risk cargo from Italy must be…

17 Dec 2019
Italy BMSB Treatment Update

Due to the cooler temperatures in Italy during winter, some treatment providers are no longer able to offer fumigation (Sulfuryl Fluoride) as a method of treatment. This is expected to continue until end of February but we will monitor situation closely and will keep you updated.  FCL Treatment…

10 Oct 2019
BMSB Surcharge for LCL imports ex Italy

For Italian cargo loaded from 1st  September, Mondiale have been having cargo treated offshore to meet the requirements outlined by NZ Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). The treatment providers at origin have very strict requirements on how the containers must be packed to ensure there is…

23 Aug 2019
Update on BMSB Season ex Italy for NZ

As you will be aware all risk cargo from Italy must be treated offshore during BMSB season from ETD 1st September 2019 to ETA 30th April 2020. The Italian offshore treatment providers have very strict guidelines on how containers should be packed to ensure the treatment is effective so please take…

26 Feb 2019
Suspension of the Italian treatment provider

We have been advised by CBAFF that any cargo treated by this company will be sent for further treatment by MPI and any additional costs will be charged as per outlay. This email is to notify you of the following suspension of the Italian treatment provider:  Triveneta Disinfestazioni S.r.l (AEI:…

31 Aug 2018
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Update

The BMSB season is defined as cargo/containers leaving the country of origin on/and after the 1st September 2018 and arriving in New Zealand on/and before 30th April 2019. Vehicles, Machinery and Equipment New and used vehicles, machinery and equipment from BMSB risk countries will require…

5 Mar 2018
Extension of Mandatory Treatment of Italian shipments for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB)

Over the last 2 months you will have seen a number of Advice Notices from us concerning the mandatory fumigation of all sea imports from Italy, to fight against the introduction of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in to New Zealand. The Ministry For Primary Industry (MPI) is responsible for organising…

16 Jan 2018
Italy Bio-Security Issues & additional charges

For some time now NZ BIO SECURITY has been making regular interceptions of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (referred to as BMSB) in containerised cargo from Italy. This bug is considered to be a great threat to New Zealand. Immediately prior to Christmas, BIO SECURITY issued written notice advising…

9 Nov 2017
Pending Strike Action in Italy

A “General Strike” in Italy has been announced to take place Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th December - HOWEVER this is by no means confirmed. If it goes ahead this will disrupt road transport and port services. We will know more in the next 2 weeks, but where possible will start making plans now to…

2 Oct 2017
Italy – return of the Stink Bug Beetle

Bio Security have advised recent container examinations have revealed evidence of the presence of Stink Bug Beetles, particularly in containers of machinery.  As a result of this an increase in Port Container Inspections can be expected. Port Inspection Fees of $175.00 will be incurred on…

22 Nov 2016
MSC peak season surcharge ex Europe from 1st December

Due to heavy bookings MSC has announced a Peak Season Surcharge to Australia and New Zealand from all European Ports ofUS $100.00 per 20ft / US$ 200.00 per 40ft.

Italy seafreight container bookings/delays

All shipping lines have advised of heavy bookings and the potential of shipment delays from Genoa Port on the West Coast and from Ancona / Venice / Trieste on the East Coast.

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