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  • Jun 28

    LCL rate increase ex Mediterranean ports

    Portugal : Lisbon & Oporto  |  France : Fos  |  Spain : Barcelona, Bilbao & Valencia  |  Italy : Genoa From 16th July all LCL rates will increase by EUR 2.00 per w|m. This is to recover a container rate increase announced by HAMBURG SUD to take effect from… posted: 7 months 2.7 weeks ago

  • Apr 24

    FCL increases from Europe, Mediterranean and Middle East

    With the continuing heavy export bookings from all of the above areas in to Asia (especially China) many of the carriers are taking the opportunity to increase rates for the month of May.  Not all have confirmed rate levels applicable from 1st May, and for those that have there is no “fixed”… » more posted: 1 year 9.7 months ago

  • Apr 04

    FCLs ex Mediterranean Ports

    There is currently a chronic shortage of equipment (empty containers) and vessel space from all Ports in the Mediterranean for Export containers.  This applies to not only New Zealand destination containers but to all worldwide destinations.  This is due to a number of factors but… » more posted: 1 year 10.2 months ago

  • Apr 04

    FCL Ocean Rates ex Mediterranean

    Please note the following increases on MAERSK LINE only effective 1st April 2017 ; France (Fos)                No ChangeGreece Ports                US$… » more posted: 1 year 10.2 months ago

  • Jun 18

    Currency change for LCL rates from Meditteranean

    From the 1st of July all LCL rates will change from USD to EUR.  This is to stay in line with the ocean-freight currency we pay HAMBURG SUD for the containers.  All current USD rates will be multiplied by 0.89 in order to arrive at the equivalent EUR rate level. FCL rates will remain in… » more posted: 3 years 8 months ago

  • Oct 05

    Change in Mediterranean LCL Oceanfreight & BAF rate structure

    The LCL rate structure from Med ports in Spain and Italy will remain in USDs. However the service we are now using is HAMBURG SUD - a weekly service transhipping through the Central American port of Cartagena. This is currently the quickest and most cost effective service for our consolidated… » more posted: 9 years 4.2 months ago