3 Mar 2017
UK/ Europe Space & Equipment Situation

Currently all shipping lines ex UK & Northern Europe Ports are experiencing larger than normal export volumes which is leading to space and equipment shortages. We would advise you to allow greater lead times when placing orders (up to 2 weeks additional) to allow sufficent time to book space &…

10 Nov 2014
Oceanfreight Low Sulphur Surcharge ex North Europe Region – Effective from 1st January 2015

From 1st January 2015 all shipping lines will be affected by the introduction of Low Sulphur Fuel Regulations on Trades ex North Europe/Scandinavia and Baltic Region. The aim of the Regulations is to reduce the Sulphur Content in Fuel from 1.00% to 0.10%. This surcharge is to cover the additional…

1 Apr 2014
EUROPE - Space shortage for Full Container bookings ex Nth Europe / UK / Med

All shipping lines servicing the Europe - SE Asia trade lane are desperate to increase ocean freight rates on this sector. Part of the strategy to achieve this is to create a space shortage on what are particularly large vessels. The lines are achieving this by having blank sailings - where bookings…

31 Mar 2014
EUROPE - delays with LCL Service ex Nth Europe / UK / Med

Mondiale has been using HAMBURG SUD from Nth Europe, UK and the Med for all of our LCL services in to New Zealand for some time now. This is due to our policy of using the Carrier with the quickest transit time and most reliable service to New Zealand. However this year we have had a number of short…

3 Feb 2014
LCL service from Nth Europe / UK / Med

For some time now we have concentrated most of our LCL services from the above areas on HAMBURG SUD. This service tranships cargo on to NZ call vessels at the Port of Cartagena in Columbia. This has over time proven to be the most consistent and quickest service. Just lately however there have been…

1 Apr 2013
LCL rate reductions from North Europe / UK

From 1st April most of the LCL rates in to Auckland from North Europe (ie Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK) have reduced between EUR 2.00 and EUR 10.00 per w/m. BAF (when applicable) has also reduced EUR 2.00 to EUR 17.00 per w/m. The same applies for cargo shipped from areas / countries…

27 Jul 2012
North Europe LCL Seafreight Rates

From the 1st of August the LCL rate structure (Oceanfreight and BAF) will alter however the all up cost will NOT change. This is to reflect the new container rates offered by our main service provider HAMBURG SUD. They have increased their container oceanfreight rates by the same amount that they…

1 Jun 2012
LCL rates from North Europe (excluding UK)

Please note that from 1st July all seafreight rates will increase by EUR 6.00 per w/m. This is due to our service provider - HAMBURG SUD - (at this stage) increasing their container rates by EUR 150.00 per TEU from this date.

2 May 2012
Planned increase in North Europe LCL rates from 1st July 2012

We have been advised by our agents in North Europe (Belgium / France / Germany / Netherlands / Scandinavia) that our main service provider intends to increase container rates from 1st July. The planned increase - if it goes ahead - will equate to an increase of EUR 6.00 per w/m. We will confirm if…

5 Jul 2011
North Europe LCL seafreight rate reduction

From 1st July you will notice a reduction in your seafreight rates from load ports in North Europe - Antwerp, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Le Havre and Rotterdam. This is the result of slightly lower container buy rates.   Unfortunately this has not transferred to lower rates from "out-ports" where cargo…

15 Sep 2010
North Europe / UK - 1st October General Rate Increase Update

Please note that effective the 1st October Hamburg Sud have announced a GRI from North Europe /UK at the below level :- FCL      Hamburg Sud    EUR 75 per TEU  LCL      increase of        EUR 3   per w/m   Other lines may follow suit and we will keep you advised as information comes to hand.

13 Jun 2010
FCL rates increase ex North Europe / UK / Med from 1st July

We wish to confirm that there will be FCL rate increases outlined below :- Hamburg Sud EUR 150 per TEU on 1st July ex North Europe / UK Maersk EUR 150 per TEU on 12th July ex North Europe / UK / Med

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