1 Sep 2015
USA Pier Pass Surcharge

Please note US Port Authority have announced this surcharge will increase from US$66 per TEU to US$69.17 per TEU.    New rates will be effective 1st August 2015.  This is the fourth Pier Pass increase since 2006 when we last adjusted LCL surcharge.   As a direct result of this additional increase,…

30 Jul 2013
USA Pier Pass (FCL only)

Please note the Los Angeles Pier Pass Surcharge will be increasing from USD 61.50 per TEU to USD 66.50 per TEU with effect from 19th August 2013.   This is a direct result of the West Coast MTO Agreement announcing an increase in the Traffic Migitation Fee (TMF) at the ports of Los Angeles and…

29 Jul 2012
USA (Los Angeles) Pier Surcharge

The Pier Surcharge currently charged by shipping lines is USD 60 per TEU.  This will increase to USD 61.50 per TEU effective 1st August 2012.  There will be no adjustments made to the LCL Pier Surcharge.

4 Jul 2011
USA to NZ - Pier Pass (delay in increase)

Please note the Los Angeles Pier Pass Surcharge will now be increasing from USD 50 per TEU  to USD 60 per TEU with effect from 1st August 2011.

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