2 Feb 2018
LCL increase ex Spain and Portugal

From the 1st of February 2018 the Spanish and Portugal LCL rate will increase by EUR 2.00 per w/m due to Hamburg Sud increasing their container rates. For services ex Italy where we use the same service, we are happy to advise that we will hold current rate levels with no increase.

10 Feb 2014
LCL rate increase from Spain/Portugal from 1st March 2014

From 01 February we are changing our LCL service from Spain / Portugal in to Auckland and Wellington on to HAMBURG SUD sailings.  Previously we were using a Singapore transhipment operator, however a change to their 2nd leg service from Singapore to New Zealand has meant that their all up transit…

24 Jan 2012
Spain & Portugal - Change in LCL service and rate structure

A change in the shipping schedule has meant that our direct service from Barcelona has increased almost a week from 33 / 34 days to 39 / 40 days.

29 Mar 2011
LCL rate increase from Spain & Portugal

Due to the shipping line container rate increase our LCL rates from the following ports in Spain and Portugal will increase by USD 4.00 per w/m Spain                Barcelona / Bilbao / ValenciaPortugal            Lisbon / Oporto

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