23 Nov 2017
German airfreight – Chronic space shortage ex Frankfurt

For some weeks now we have been having significant issues obtaining enough cargo space on Carriers from Frankfurt for the amount of air cargo that is being booked. We have set allocation with QATAR for our scheduled twice weekly service, but once that allocation is used up, or if there are “special”…

31 Oct 2014
Airfreight space ex Europe to NZ

Please be advised we are having major issues with airfreight space ex Europe across the board.     We are doing all we can to keep our consol allocations on track but delays should be expected. Express is an option but please keep in consideration that anything +500kgs will more than likely not be…

8 Oct 2009
USA to NZ space issues

As most of you are probably aware the USA to NZ trade is experiencing significant delays for FCL shipments off both the West and East Coast, USA. The current time-frame delays are as follows :- Ex NYC / PHL / LAX / OAK there is space issues meaning difficult to get any bookings until mid…

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